Dozens return to Bondi Beach for Swim’N’Go and Surf’N’Go at Bondi and Bronte Beach

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20200428 bondi surfngo2

Dozens have made use of the Swim’N’Go and Surf’N’Go opportunity at Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach today.

Tamarama is only open for Surf’N’Go.

Bondi Beach set to reopen for swimmers and surfers

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20200422 bondi reopening

On Tuesday 28th April, Waverley council will be implementing a ‘Swim & Go’ and ‘Surf & Go’ measure across their beaches on weekdays from 7am to 5pm.

Mayor of Waverley Paula Masselos held a press conference detailing the new measures as NSW plans to slowly return to some form of normal during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Man saves residents after arson attack in Bondi, NSW

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20200420 bondi fire1

Bondi detectives are investigating three separate fires that occurred between 1.30am and 2.30am on Monday morning.

At around 1.30am a fire was started in Gould St Bondi destroying 4 motorcycles. Another fire was also present in a garbage bin at the rear of a property.

Bronte is the new hot spot for surfers during beach closures in Sydney's east.

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20200418 bronte beach closure5

Bronte has become the place for surfers to use the sea, but how to safely and legally access the ocean has become an issue.

Surfers have said that they can access the sea via the rocks to the north of the beach and legally enter, but this is faced with the risk of injury.

Surfers jump barriers to continue their activity in Bondi during Coronavirus Pandemic

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20200417 bondi surfers breach4

OnScene Bondi has talked to surfers this evening who had made the decision to utilise Bondi Beach as their place to exercise and de-stress.

Dozens of surfers entered the closed off beach the moment life guards ended their patrols and exit well after the night sets in.

Girl rescued after cliff fall in Diamond Bay, NSW

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20200416 diamond bay rescue3

A 16-year-old female has been rescued after a 3 hour operation in Diamond Bay overnight

It's understood the teenager was socialising with friends prior to falling 15 metres from a cliff.

Bondi Beach closed after receiving health advice during Coronavirus pandemic

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20200321 bondi closure4

Bondi Beach has closed after health officials declared no more than 500 people can be on the beach at a time.

A decision by lifeguards was made to close Bondi Beach as they simply do not have the resources to continually count numbers and deny entry when the number is exceeded.

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