Fuel tanker crash causes shutdown of roads and evacuations in Arncliffe

Fuel tanker crash causes shutdown of roads and evacuations in Arncliffe

A large emergency operation was undertaken last night after a car and fuel tanker collided near the intersection of Botany Rd and Marsh St in Arncliffe.

At around 9.30pm emergency services were alerted to the crash which caused ethanol to start leaking from a B-Double semi trailer carrying 55,000 litres of fuel.

Specialist hazmat fire-fighters used their breathing apparatus to approach the tanker with risks of an explosion.

Atmospheric monitoring was established to determine explosive limits of the ethanol.

Crews continued to work through the night to stem the leak and placed barriers to prevent run off into stormwater drains.

Specialist workers arrived at around 1.30am to assist Fire & Rescue NSW with sealing the leak.

The leak was stabilised at around 4.00am and the vehicle has been driven 500 metres to a working area where decanting shall continue.

The road is now open to traffic and NSW Police is investigating the cause of the crash.


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